Legion Update!

So, Legion has been out and about for a while now… And I’m in LOVE.
The zones are gorgeous (Val’sharah pls <3) and there is so much to do.. almost TOO MUCH to do and not enough time 😮
Also, new expansion called for a new haircut! So cute ❤

Anyhow! I just wanted to drop by here quickly and announce that I am alive, and I have updated my Weakauras for Legion.
They are now up for grabs on my Pastebin!
There has been a lot of people asking for them recently, but I didn’t get around to put them up until today for the most ironic reason..
We had a power Outage this morning while my computer was on, and when I logged on after we got the power back.. All my Weakauras where gone, and also all of my Addon-settings in general.
(except for Elvui for some reason)
So I had to sit down and configure all of my addons all over again and re-create my Weakauras.. Because stupid me didn’t do a recent backup of my WTF folder.
Well, lesson learned!
All my current auras are up on pastebin, and I have backed up all of my important files on an external harddrive.



Ui and Weakaura Update!

I finally decided to sit down and complete my WeakAura page. It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined, but it sure kept me busy for a couple of hours. Hopefully some of you will like it :’)  You can check it out here!

Cheers ❤

13/13 Mythic

So, the last month has been an intense one. We have relentlessly fought against Archimonde 4 nights a week for 3 hours. It’s been rough and tiresome. Wiping over and over because of silly mistakes or bad rng. But yesterday, things finally worked perfectly.
No stupid deaths, good infernal-spawns (meaning they are spread from when they land) etc etc. I didn’t even realize the boss HP myself until people started screaming “LET THE TANK DIE” and “NUKE BOSS” and suddenly, I got a star tossing me into the nether and BAM, the screen got filled up with Achievements. The screams on Teamspeak where loud and extremely relieved. We have wiped 288 times  and spent around 40 hours on Archimonde. So the first thing I said on ts on the kill (after my WHOOOO) was “You guys did so good!”, and it’s usually something I say after long progress (like Mannoroth before that) because that’s genuinely how I feel. I get so proud over all our raid members when we finally get something done after tedious hard work.
Only sad part today was that Ashleah (who’s been progressing every night with me) had an exam coming up and couldn’t attend, so our Holy paladin who had been benched a few nights got to show his moves. So it felt kind of unfair that she didn’t get rewarded for all her hard work 😦
Look at my crazy print screen spam..

But I’m still so happy we killed it. Now we can finally do some re-clears and get people even more gear (enough is never enough)

Also, I got the fucking mount.
I didn’t understand at first that I won the roll, I was looking elsewhere.. so when suddenly the chat said “Sakresse is rewarded with the felsteel annihilator”  I just went all “WHAAAA WOOOO EEEEEE IIIIIIIIII” on ts. I’m sorry for everyone’s ears.
So happy. *squeal*
Look at this beast! 😀 

And on a little sidenote: 
Yes, I will try to work faster on my weak-aura page :’D I’m just the slowest ever when it comes to getting things done. Sorry!


Happy Holidays everyone!

I hope you all had a great Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas I just hope you had a wonderful day nonetheless!
I had a lovely day with my family, and as most Swedish families, we don’t care about the “religious” part of Christmas (fuck dat shit), we’re just in it for the food. Lots and lots of food.

Anyhow! I just wanted to make an appearance and announce that I’m working on a project for my blog. I’ve been asked a lot recently about my ui and my weakauras. So I thought I would make a page or two where I will share some of my ui and my weakauras. Lets just call it a late Christmas present for those of you who actually read this forgotten blog of mine 🙂

But as mentioned. It is a work in progress and it might take me some time to get everything up on the blog. I have a gazillion of addons for your information.

Sooooo.. stay tuned!


Blizzcon and Discipline Updates!

I don’t think I’ve been this excited about anything game-related in a really long time.
Blizzcon brought tons of news concerning the new expansion and I think Legion will absolutely amazing! I can hardly wait!

We can all agree that Discipline and shields in general have been the thorn in all healers side ever since Mist of Pandaria, and all the way through Warlords of Draenor. Developers said they wanted to fix it, but that didn’t really happen – Did it?
Well, not until Legion that is.

Today the Legion Class preview for priests was released, and the hype is real! WoWScrnShot_110315_182319

Some priests pride themselves on pragmatism. They understand that light casts a shadow, that darkness is defined by light, and that true discipline stems from one’s ability to balance these opposing powers in services of a greater cause. While these priests possess many holy virtues to aid their allies, they also dabble in the dark arts to debilitate their enemies—always exercising immense discipline to keep themselves away from the brink of insanity. Many would say the ends justify the means; scriptures both virtuous and vile should be studied and understood to protect the congregation.


The power of absorption mechanics has created a WoWScrnShot_110315_182311gameplay issue for healers that we’re looking to address in Legion. Discipline Priests have been so effective in their role of preventing damage that it has sometimes left other healers yearning for an opportune time to throw out a clutch heal. To alleviate that issue, we’re tempering Discipline’s emphasis on shields in lieu of a reimaged Atonement mechanic.

Discipline Priests are now more clearly defined by their use of both Holy and Shadow magic, and that extends to how they function in combat. Sacrificing a portion of healing ability and having a reduced focus on absorption spells, they gain a significant contribution in damage. Still filling a healer role in group content, they aim to strike a balance between healing allies and damaging enemies in a unique gameplay style. Discipline Priests have strong cooldowns with Power Word: Barrier and Pain Suppression, along with Rapture,
a new cooldown that temporarily removes the cooldown of Power Word: Shield.

Here’s a basic look at the core defensive and offensive combat abilities for Discipline Priests:

  • Atonement
    • Passive
    • Plea, Power Word: Shield, and Shadow Mend also apply Atonement to your target for 15 sec.
    • When you deal spell damage, you instantly heal all targets affected by Atonement for 50% of the damage done.
    • Developer comment: Healing is not split between Atonements—the more allies you have Atonement on, the more total healing that a damage spell will cause.
  • Mastery: Absolution
    • Increases the healing transferred through Atonement by 28% (with Mastery from typical gear).
  • Defensive
    • Plea
      • 1.2% Mana, 40 yd range, Instant
      • A quick, efficient plea to heal an ally for a minor amount.
    • Shadow Mend
      • 3.0% Mana, 40 yd range, 1.5 sec cast
      • Wrap an ally in shadows which heal them for a large amount, but at a price.
      • The ally will take minor damage every 1 sec, until they have taken half that amount of total damage from all sources, or leave combat.
    • Power Word: Shield
      • 3.5% Mana, 40 yd range, Instant, 6 sec cooldown
      • Shield an ally, absorbing a large amount of damage. Lasts 15 sec.
      • While the shield holds, spellcasting will not be delayed by damage.
    • Power Word: Radiance
      • 7.0% Mana, 40 yd range, 2.5 sec cast
      • A burst of light heals a friendly target and their 5 nearest allies for a moderate amount, and applies Atonement for 50% of its normal duration.
  • Offensive
    • Smite
      • 0.75% Mana, 40 yd range, 1.5 sec cast
      • Smite an enemy for moderate Holy damage.
    • Mind Blast
      • 3.0% Mana, 40 yd range, 1.5 sec cast
      • Blast the target’s mind for strong Shadow damage.
    • Penance
      • 2.5% Mana, 40 yd range, Channeled, 9 sec cooldown
      • Launches a volley of holy light at the target, causing huge Holy damage over 2 sec.
      • Channelable while moving.
    • Revelation
      • Passive
      • Your Smite and Mind Blast casts have a 30% chance to reset the cooldown on Penance.
    • Shadow Word: Pain
      • 2.0% Mana, 40 yd range, Instant
      • A word of darkness that causes minor Shadow damage instantly, and an additional huge amount of Shadow damage over 18 sec.

Additionally, to give you an idea of how some talents may build upon this, here’s an example of one of their Discipline-specific talents:

  • Grace

    • Passive

Increases your non-Atonement healing and absorption by 30% on targets with Atonement

In addition to all these delicious changes to Discipline there was also news concerning
general healing in Legion.WoWScrnShot_110315_182331

  • Healers should always have something to do. In Legion when you are doing group PvE content you will notice that you can do a lot more damage than you could before when you choose to spend globals and resources on it. When you are overgearing the content, the damage you do in your spare time will go from close to meaningless (now) to being a useful contribution to the raid (in Legion).
  • You should be able to level as a healer, so when you are playing solo you should be able to do substantial damage. Druids having Thorns again will help, things attacking you will take substantial damage.

Absorbs are a little bit less powerful, have longer cooldowns, and there are less of them in Legion. Paladins won’t be causing absorb shields anymore, as their mastery has changed. Discipline mastery has also changed.

And Last but not least, we will have our own Artifact as a weapon. And I think it looks pretty darn neat. And I cant tell you how happy I am that it is a staff and not a dagger/mace. (sorry shadow-priests)

Quick Facts

  • Each spec gets a unique weapon–36 weapons total. These are intended to be ultimate weapons for you, the hero.
  • Unique quests for each spec to reflect their flavor. Examples: Ret Paladins return to Broken Shore and fallen heroes to retrieve Ashbringer, Protection Warriors discover legend of Vry’kul King, Death Knights retrieve shards of Frostmourne from base of Icecrown.
  • Classes are less homogenzied and use different weapon types. For example, Frost Death Knights are solely Dual-Wield, Unholy Death Knights are Two-Handed.
  • No other weapons drop in Legion. No legendary weapon.
  • Artifacts increase in power through Artifact Power unlocking traits and Relics which can be socketed into weapon.
  • Artifacts have model variations and color tints.

    Light’s Wrath

Discipline Priests stand between the light and shadow—wielding both, they straddle the precipice between. For them, this balance must be carefully cultivated so that they might wield and control the power of the staff Light’s Wrath in battle.

Obsessed with cleansing undead from the world of Azeroth, the fanatical Scarlet Crusade tried to create a second Ashbringer in the form of a staff. However, a dreadlord who had infiltrated the order intervened, interrupting their efforts and triggering a violent magical explosion. The damaged staff’s power proved nearly uncontrollable. After several wielders tried and failed to use the staff safely, the elite magi of the Kirin Tor hid it away lest it unleash further deadly calamities.

I personally think these changes seem interesting and much needed. I really hope the developers makes something great out of this. I believe these changes could either be amazing or flunk if not balanced well enough. It sounds like the playstyle will be much more active and exciting, maybe a bit complicated to get a grasp of when you just read it. I really want to get my grabby paws on a beta-invite for Legion and try out the new Discipline spec.
I’m also very positive when it comes to the Artifact. I think it’s quite gorgeous, and with the option to change the color-tint of the different versions.. Waaaw, I can’t wait.
GAH, almost forgot! 
The new transmogrification system for Legion is AMAZING. It’s all I ever wanted and more.
I’m so incredibly excited about this expansion that I can’t even put it into words.
I want it now, but at the same time I don’t want Blizz to rush it. I want perfection!
I cross my fingers I get to try the beta :3

/ Sakresse

I miss Pandaria

I really loved the continent that is pandaria. It’s so beautiful and full of details (which I never really got to experience until now due to bad computer). I really do hope that Legion will be even more detailed! 😀 From the early pictures we’ve seen, some zones looks absolutely amazing.
For now I’ll settle with exploring Azeroth all over again…. So yea, enjoy this printscreen-dump! (Heck yea for posting stuff in the middle of the night to avoid sleep..?)

WoWScrnShot_102915_190220 WoWScrnShot_110315_182020

I’m not dead… Yet!

Hello everyone and happy Halloween! (yes, yes, I know Halloween is over – but still!)
It’s been quite a while since my last update here on the blog, once again – I apologize.
Sometimes life just gets in the way you know?
I have multiple times thought of writing something here, but never really found enough inspiration nor time to actually sit down and do it.
I thought I would do a quick update below: 
1. I have a new computer (FINALLY). My old one was over 6 years old and dying. Everything in the new one is new.. except for the graphics-card and hard drives since I bought those recently. I’m so pleased with it, I can run wow on ultra-settings for the first time ever! ❤ A WHOLE NEW WOOOORLD. So yea, I’ve been taking a lot of print-screens in game.
2. I’m working double jobs (both are part-time, so I guess that almost makes it 1 job :’D) which sometimes results in me feeling uninspired and tired. My job is not really.. inspiring so to speak.
3. PROGRESS! The new guild we joined back in September (Malaxnytt) has made decent progress, we’re now at 9/13 mythic and currently banging our heads against Velhari. She is one mean lady goat.
4. BLIZZCON HYYYYPE. So yea, as pretty much all of us know, it’s blizzcon this weekend, and I’m very excited! I’ll be driving up to Ashleah’s place on Friday and stay for the weekend, watching blizzcon with her and her bf 😀 We’re both very, very excited and curious about our class-changes. I’m also extremely anxious when it comes to disc-changes, but I’m crossing my fingers VERY hard and hope for the best. Please blizzard fix my spec but don’t fuck it up too much, alright? Do we have a deal?
5. alts! I’m leveling alts a lot now that we’re on a whole new server and I had to leave all my other online-babies on Auchindoun (except priest and hunter – they go wherever I go so to say). I’ve been focusing a lot lately on my restoration druid. She’s adorable, and quite fun to play! I’m thinking of leveling all healing-classes to 100 and try them out a bit more in depth. The only healers I’ve played are Discipline (ofc) and holy (a tad bit) priest, resto shaman (I’m sorry all shammys out there, but I must say resto shaman is even more dull to play than disc.. /cower), resto druid (moar hots!) and a little bit of mistweaver monk. But that was like.. back in cata/mop and a lot has changed since then. So yea, new project, although it will probably be a slow one.
6. I’m a candle-holic. I’m burning so many candles it’s not even funny anymore. It’s something with autumn and candles that I just can’t get enough of. My guildies make fun of my addiction. Apparently it’s not normal to drive 1 hour just to buy 40 euro’s worth of candles. What? Don’t look at me like that.